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The Photographer

I'll introduce myself as one who has always been attracted to periods of culture before my time. You could say nostalgia of pop culture, film and fashion of which I was exposed to in my childhood. I see retro movements of fashion in all genres, whether it be art, music, social and so forth, to be more interesting with age. So this is one of the areas that feed my inspiration.

Why photography? Well I have always had a fascination of fine art and cinema, so I would say photography is a good medium to express these two subjects of storytelling and lighting and colour. This leads me to another of my inspirations which is Classic Hollywood lighting. Continuous hard lighting which produces beautiful contrast and shadows in the dark and simulates the sun in the daytime.

I have always had a curiosity for photography, possibly being surrounded by album covers, magazines and posters. But not until leaving a photography and print company in 2013 did I get to find my voice, my passion, my inspiration and my road to creation.

My photography set is the world. It can be cars, the woods, historic buildings, hotel’s, in the street, anywhere visually stimulating. And although these are my preferable environments, I also have a small home studio for portraiture, which can deliver some good results. 

If you would like to collaborate with me on a project or you are looking for your own personal fashion, beauty or portrait photography, please do not hesitate to contact me.